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Adds new top-level options to CldImage including Generative Enhance, Angle, and Loop.

Enhance is a Generative AI feature in Beta that will automatically improve the visual appeal of an image.

Angle allows you to rotate an image by the given degrees or custom mode (opens in a new tab).

Loop allows you to apply a looping effect to an animated image, such as a gif, infinitely or by a specific number of times.



  • Adds enhance
  • Adds angle as a top-level effect, also available in the effects array
  • Adds loop as a top-level effect
  • Adds a test and console warning for fillBackground without a width and height or aspectRatio
  • Fixes zoompan bug where passing custom options didn't include : required in transformation (opens in a new tab)



This is one of the more substantial updates since the launch of Next Cloudinary which updates and fixes an underlaying mechanism in how the CldImage component works.

The CldImage component dynamically generates not only a single URL, but multiple Cloudinary URLs through responsive sizing to provide as performant of an experience as possible. To do this, we take advantage of Cloudinary's on-the-fly cropping and resizing.

While doing this, previous versions of the CldImage component used a 2-stage resize process to provide an intuitive developer experience in how cropping was applied to images, but this created a problem where resulting images would be limited to the defined "rendered size" of an image, even if it was larger.

To resolve this, the 2-stage resizing is removed by default, but now available to use as an opt-in mechanism behind the now advanced crop prop.

Learn more over on the RFC: (opens in a new tab)

Beyond that, there are a few type and prop deprecations with replacements as necessary and bug fixes that required a slight breaking change.


CldImage, getCldImageUrl, CldOgImage, getCldOgImageUrl

This is a fundamental change in how the API works


  • Deprecates transformations in favor of namedTransformations


  • Removes types GetCldImageUrl and GetCldOgImageUrl



  • Removes autoPlay in favor of autoplay
  • Video Player: CldVideoPlayerPropsColors
  • Deprecates some CldVideoPlayer types in favor of natively defined types from @cloudinary-util/types (opens in a new tab)
    • CldVideoPlayerPropsColors